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I am an Assistant Professor of Political Science in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus. I am affiliated with the Policy, Elections, and Representation Lab. I was previously the lead survey analyst for the Media Ecosystem Observatory and Digital Democracy Project research teams. I received my PhD at UBC’s Department of Political Science. I specialize in political communication, public opinion, and American and Canadian politics. You can find my CV here.

Broadly speaking, I am interested in how elite behaviour and the mass media together shape public attitudes. My particular focus is on areas of scientific and economic consensus.

My research projects have used a variety of methods, including media content analysis (including dictionary-based methods, machine learning, and manual coding), experiments, and time series analysis. I have work featured in the American Political Science Review, Nature Human Behaviour, the Journal of Politics, the British Journal of Political Science, Political Communication, Public Opinion Quarterly, among others. More information on my publications can be found here. You can find my Google Scholar profile here.

My dissertation examines the coverage of expert consensus in the media, and explores the conditions under which experts can be persuasive to average citizens. It also seeks to establish a link between party elite behaviour communicated through the mass media and the polarization of American public opinion on climate science (with Dominik Stecula). You can find my completed dissertation here. Components of this project are featured in BJPolS, POQ, and Political Communication.

Ongoing projects include the exploration of:

  • The correlates and dynamics of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy (with Peter Loewen)
  • Economic collapse, norm perceptions, and social distancing compliance (with Peter Loewen)
  • The causes and consequences of affective polarization in Canada
  • Measurement of mass polarization in Canada
  • Partisan and ideological motivated reasoning in Canada
  • Echo chambers and fake news exposure in Canada (with Aengus Bridgman, Peter Loewen, Taylor, Owen, Derek Ruths, and Oleg Zhilin)
  • Measurement and implications of anti-intellectualism
  • Coverage of experts in the news media

More details on my ongoing research can be found here.

I gave a TEDx talk at Emily Carr University on political bias in Canada and the U.S. which can be seen here:

I have also provided commentary on U.S. and Canadian politics in the Washington Post‘s Monkey Cage blog, CBC News Network, Global BC, City‘s Breakfast Television, CBC Radio, Roundhouse Radio, among others. More information can be found here.

I am a long suffering Buffalo Bills fan with a love for craft beer, deep frying, and barbecue-ing. You can contact me by following this link.

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